- Car Port - Attached or detached
- Garage - Framed in with conventional lumber
- Covered Walkway - From house to garage
- Picnic Shelter
- Deck Cover - From sun and rain
- Hot Tub Shelter
- Storage - Framed in with conventional lumber
- Green House - Framed in with conventional lumber and clear corrugated polycarbonate - Other options also available for covering available

- 6x6 square posts
- 8" log post
- 10" log post
- log rafters
- convential lumber rafters
- log headers
- conv. lumber headers
- with or with out fascia (trim around roof edge)
- log angle brackets
- square angle brackets
- with or with out framing above headers
- closed in or open at rafter area
- staining or not
- metal roofing
- asphalt shingle roofing
- Concrete pad
- deck
- gravel
- Lighting and outlets
- built-in-cooking areas
- stone accented posts

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