Since starting Frontier Log & Timber Homes and Shelters in 1994, we have been driven to provide our clients with the means that they can have the home they dream of.

Through working with our clients we have developed many of the log homes you'll see here on our web site. Having an understanding and listening to what the client wants is a goal that we look towards every day on every project.

As president of Frontier Log & Timber Homes, I started right out of school as an apprentice carpenter and worked in the home building industry for years becoming a master carpenter. There was a need to do something different which lead me to start distributing and building log homes for a major log home manufacturer. When it came down to it, there was still something lacking... giving the customer a better bottom line than the manufacturer was allowing. I wanted to acquire the non-log materials locally to help keep costs down for our client and have the availability to deal directly with the manufacturer or distributor of products, besides, should something be wrong with the item or items for our projects we could rectify sooner than the log manufacturer 1000 miles away. The log manufacturer wanted most every thing to be purchased through them and having to pay for the extra shipping cost for all the doors, windows, flooring, etc, etc... It just made practical and economical sense for me to start a log home company that adheres to giving the client a decent bottom line. Frontier Log & Timber Homes does just that and has your back.

We're not a big company but, we are big in our Dreams, which we hope will help you get to yours.

Thanks for visiting Frontier, Please call my personal number 360-709-0258 should you have any questions.


Mike Kipp - President


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